OST Хьюлет Паккард и AMD-ешный камень

  1. КИНО- Солнечные дни
  2. Judas Priest- Angel
  3. OST Tron: Legasy- ENCOM Part 1
  4. OST Cloud Atlas- Cloud Atlas Finale
  5. OST Cloud Atlas- All Boundaries Are Conventions.
  6. OST Inception- Dream Is Collapsing
  7. OST Cloud Atlas- New Direction
  8. The Gits- Another Shot Of Whiskey
  9. Metallica- Fade to Black
  10. OST The Social Network- A Familiar Taste
  11. YouTube- James Bond Theme on eight floppy drives
  12. The White stripes- The Hardest Button To Button
  13. OST Dredd 2012- She’s a Pass
  14. OST Tron: Legasy- Not Your Father (Unreleased)
  15. OST The Girl With Dragon Tatoo- Hidden In Snow
  16. The Sisters of Mercy- I Was Wrong
  17. OST The Ninth Gate- The Motorbike
  18. OST Dark Knight Rises- Rooftop Fight — Back To Batcave
  19. Nautilus Pompilius — Красные листья
  20. OST Drive Angry- The Accountant
  21. 2OST Drive Angry- Revolutions Per Minute
  22. OST Drive Angry- Chevelle
  23. OST The Girl With Dragon Tatoo- Oraculum
  24. OST Drive Angry- Eyes Wide
  25. X-Ray Dog — Intrigue
  26. OST Dark Knight Rises- A Hero Can Be Anyone (Alternate Mix)
  27. OST The Social Network- In Motion
  28. OST The Girl With Dragon Tatoo- A Thousand Details
  29. Foo Fighters- Good Grief
  30. OST Inception- Time
  31. Hopes Die Last- Six years home
  32. Hopes Die Last- Never ending serenada

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